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Giải pháp Lưu nhật ký cuộc gọi theo chuẩn TDM

Ipfone SmartWORKS™ family of Call Logging Blades enables application developers of enterprise call logging to easily tap into existing TDM-based voice circuits, shortening time-to-market.

Call Logging TDM – Market Requirements
Call logging or telephone recording, is the practice of regularly recording phone calls in a business situation. Recording telephone conversations allows businesses to keep records, improve customer service, increase security, and decrease errors. Call logging is mostly common in call center environments, and also is a mandatory feature of service provider networks, where it is legalized by the police or other recognized governmental authorities and is otherwise known as lawful interception.

Call Logging TDM – Ipfone Solution

Ipfone SmartWORKS family of Call Logging Blades enables application developers of enterprise call logging solutions to easily tap into existing TDM-based voice circuits, while shortening time-to-market and providing high performance, passive recording capability to their applications easily and affordably.

The SmartWORKS NGX is an all-in-one recording resource for logging behind a PBX. The NGX offers passive tapping and conversation recording feature without interrupting service. Additionally, every key pressed, call taken, and telephone action performed by an agent is automatically decoded and sent to the recording application. A powerful set of features, combined with PBX integration, makes the NGX a true single slot solution for call logging application providers. NGX is offered in 8, 16, and 24 port versions.

Designed for analog networks, the SmartWORKS LD has both passive and terminate network interface capabilities. Featuring programmable voltage thresholds and loop reversal detection, the SmartWORKS LD is easily configured to accommodate variations across analog networks. This product is offered in 4, 8, 16 and 24 port versions, suitable for small to large offices and call centers.

The SmartWORKS DP sets the standard for passive tapping of T1/E1 trunks in high-density environments. The SmartWORKS DP is a reliable tool used globally by many of the world’s largest call logging application providers. Operating between a central office and PBX, the SmartWORKS DP records both sides of a call without interrupting service. Each board can process up to 60 channels, with a maximum of 512 channels per host. Service is never interrupted even if the SmartWORKS DP-equipped PC is shut down.


Call Logging TDM Features

* User friendly API – Designed with usability in mind
* Wide application coverage – Digital and analog; Trunk and station
* Rich feature set – specifically designed for call recording application
* Unified API for all different underlying PBX technologies
* Customer relationship – Greater than 88% customer satisfactory rate in 4 consecutive years
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